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pipomixes / Bootlegs & B-Sides Soundcloudにて公開中。チルでドウプなDJミックスを無料でダウンロードできます。選曲もMixもかっこいいです。収録曲は続きからどうぞ。

Everyday Struggle/Sinatra Remix (Biggie) * World is Yours (Jay Electronica) * World is Yours/Q-tip Remix (Nas) * 2000 Seasons (Reflection Eternal) * U Don’t See Us/Madlib Remix (The Roots) * SoutherPlaya…Diamond Remix (Outkast) * Take it Back (Scarface) * Madlib Beat * Pan & Pen (ATCQ) * Fall in Love Remix (Slum Village) * Get it Up (Little Brother) * Midnight (ATCQ) * What More Can I Say/Dangermouse Remix (Jay-Z) * Bridging the Gap/Marley Marl Remix (Nas) * Natural (Gangstarr) * Give up the Goods (Mobb Deep) * Just to Get a Rep/Madlib Remix (Gangstarr) * Methods (Charizma) * Reality (Black Moon) * Ultimate/Show Remix (Artifacts) * Butter (ATCQ) * U Ain’t a Killa (Big Pun) * Put it On/DJ Soul Remix (Big L) * Machine Gun Funk/Primo Mix (Biggie) * Come Together (The Roots) * Speak Ya Clout (Gangstarr) * Goodtimes (Ghostface) * LAX to JFK (Madlib) * If You Can Say (Mos Def) * Militia Remix (Gangstarr) * Think Twice (INI) * Step Up (INI) * Toos of the Trade (Smif n Wesson) * One Love Remix (Nas) * Damn/Buckwild Remix (Alkoholiks) * Astronaut Remix (Madlib) * Hard (Large Professor) * Give it to Yall (The U.N.) * Promo (Jungle Brothers) * If the Papes Come (ATCQ) * Story to Tell (Biggie) * Dimethy (Jay Electronica) * Give it to You Raw Remix (ODB) * Paid in Full (Rakim) * Can’t Stop the Prophet Remix (Jeru)

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