making its public debut at the 2015 geneva motor show, the AUDI ‘sport racing’ bike showcases the brand’s sporty design and lightweight construction for the first time, on two wheels. the frame which weighs just 790g, and the wheels are produced from T1000 carbon fiber, a material employed in the ‘R8 e-tron quattro’s’ cockpit. The bike has a total weight of 5.8 kg (13.0 lb) and is available at a price of 17,500 euros.

(via Designboom)

Adventure enthusiast Apidura eliminates the need of a rear rack on your bike with its ultra-light Saddle Pack. The cycling accessory makes full use of the space under the seat and is constructed out of a laminated four-layer fabric that is a combination of waterproof, lightweight, and tear-resistant technology. Ideal for any kind of touring, the Apidura Saddle Pack is a definite buy and is available here.

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