Treehouse in China

This gorgeous treehouse is located within a woodland resort, elevated high amid the treetops canopies of Mount Qiyun, China. The project comes from Cambridge graduates, Andong Lu and Pingping Dou of LanD Studio that based the “Treehouse M” on traditional Chinese architecture where the house’s floor plan was structured around eight prefabricated modular frames to minimise the need for extensive on-site construction.





 India has been the focus of my work in recent years and I’ll stay hooked until all the compelling discoveries there evaporate. After being captivated by the subcontinent decades ago I’ve returned many times, often spending several months documenting elusive “stepwells,” exploring remote historical sites, or reporting on more western events like the annual design, fashion, and literature festivals. Back home, I write about aspects of these travels, and present lectures on India’s overlooked marvels.

- Victoria Lautman

Sunrise Kempinski Hotel, Beijing embodies the shape of the rising sun and symbolizes harmony, unity and infinity.
Sunrise Kempinski Hotel, Beijing will be a new haven of tranquility and beauty, with magnificent views of Yanshan Mountain and the Mutianyu Great Wall, just one hour’s drive from Beijing City Centre. Sunrise Kempinski Hotel, Beijing

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